Crossroads 2010




The Crossroads Tour STORY:

Eryn and her crew of hunters, Matt, Brit and of course, the oh-so-brooding, Alec, are hunting down a creature that’s been making a nuisance of itself in Redgrave. Rumour has it, the creature can only be destroyed on midnight of October 31st. That’s right, Halloween, and only at a crossroads.

Wade, Redgrave High’s resident hottie (and a vampire after Eryn’s heart), is searching for possible leads. Wade’s not one for research, but that’s all the crew will let him do. Let’s just say there are some trust issues at hand.

He lurks under a streetlight, cloaked in late afternoon shadows. He’s a bit miffed. If he can’t suck the info out of an unwilling victim, there’s not much of a thrill in it for him. Still, gathering intel might impress Eryn and perhaps lead to another dark alley clincher. He resigns himself to playing the good guy, just this once.

Uh oh. He’s spotted you on the sidewalk outside the library. It’s too late to grab the holy water you’ve got stashed in your backpack (you’re not a total spaz, this is Redgrave, after all). He stalks toward you, his eyes trained on yours. Your heart does a few desperate Karate-Kid kicks in your chest, but you’re unable to flee. You stare into his grey-eyed darkness. You slip under his spell. In seconds you’re his.

How lovely.

He’s close now. You smell an icy mint in the air. You close your eyes in submission, waiting for the press of his fangs on your neck. But instead of indulging in an after school snack, Wade compels you to do his dirty work for him.  As the sun fades, you spend hours searching through historic documents, the folklore section, and even crank out the microfiche. Consider yourself an honorary Giles…


Each day of The Crossroads Tour, a new research question will be revealed here on The Crossroad Blog Tour main page (, and each day the answer to that question will be found within one of the 16 different blog posts by Crossroads Tour authors. Your job is to get the question, read the blog posts, and collect all 16 answers by the end of the tour, on Halloween.

Send your answers to judithgraves at ymail dot com by midnight on October 31st to win a fab grand prize consisting of:

  • signed copy of Under My Skin by Judith Graves
  • copy of Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble
  • copy of Freaksville by Kitty Keswick
  • gothic stickers
  • funky Halloween decorations
  • a DVD featuring Classic Horror Films
  • a $10 gift certificate for Leap Books
  • a Leap Books T-shirt

This Halloween, meet us at THE CROSSROADS…

October 16th question: Watching the sun rise can get your _________ flowing.

October 17th question: What setting comes in handy when writing about a pooka? (Bonus candy in da prize: What is apooka?)

October 18th question: According to one Crossroads author, Emma Woodhouse likely had nicer clothes than ________ ______________.

October 19th question: Discover the name of an 18 year old busboy and ghost talker. (He might come in handy someday.)

October 20th question: What is the name of a malevolent Russian mermaid?

October 21th question: What is a tussie-mussie?

October 22th question: According to one Crossroads author, in order to be a better writer, one must __________.

October 23th question: What famous blues musician was rumored to have sold his soul to the devil while standing at a crossroads?

October 24th question: Australia and New Zealand are starting to get into the spirit of what holiday?

October 25th question: Department of Metaphysical Purity sort of rhymes with Department of ____________ _______________.

October 26th question: Feeling invisable is something _______________ can relate to.

October 27th question: The following dialogue was written by which Crossroads author?

“If it hurts so much, why do you do it?”

“Because it hurts more not to.”

October 28th question: One Crossroads author has a list of qualities that make a kickass heroine. What are they?

October 29th question: A __________________ is a shapeshifting spirit from Wales or Ireland.

October 30th question: Werewolves are symbolic of the transformation of ____________ to his most primitive nature.

October 31th question: What is “psychomentry”?

PLUS final event of the tour – live chat with Crossroads authors on Oct 31st and Nov 1st at the PageTurners Blog!



Here is a list of participating blogs for the Crossroads tour. You’ll want to follow their blogs and Twitter feeds for updates, author appearance dates and ’cause they’re cool!

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This Halloween, meet us at The Crossroads…mwahhhaa…

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