Skinned Cast

Meet the cast of Under My Skin.

Brooding Alec, dangerous Wade, and of course, our fearless (on a good day), kickass heroine, Eyrn. Thanks to the amazing talent of Val Cox, illustrator extraordinaire from Edmonton, Alberta, some members of the cast of the Skinned Series exist in glorious 2D. Heck there are even collectible character cards and postcards. How do you get your hands on one of these babies? Fire Judith a friendly email and she’ll sign one for you, follow Judith on Twitter and watch for random giveaways…or better yet – get her to sign one in person at a bookish event. Anyway, here’s the Redgrave crew:

Eryn McCain

Is she a girl? Or a monster?

New girl, Eryn McCain, has trouble fitting in at Redgrave High, but she has a lot of potential – potential to dismember. Kill. You name it, because despite the manipulations of her chemist father, Eryn’s not quite human. She’s the muttly product of an alliance between her hunter/human father, and her wolven mother (a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf). Threatened by both societies, Eryn is sent to live with her uncle and his family. Eryn’s first month at Redgrave High has been anything but dull. Werewolves, missing pets, stilted family relationships – not to mention the two hot guys who just might want to kill her. Or kill for her.

Alex Delacroix

Hunter on a mission? Or worthy prey?

Alec’s family is the stuff of legend in Redgrave. And not in a good way. They make no secret of their dark obsession – hunting paranormal creatures. Alec’s the older brother, the guy plagued by duty and honour. He also slays beasts and is generally broody and suspicious. Then Eryn moves to town and knocks him on his ass. This is one girl who just might be able to keep up with him. IF she doesn’t tear out his throat before he musters up the nerve to ask her on a non-hunting date. Then, he might just surprise Eryn with a few secrets of his own.

Wade Gervais

Resident hottie? Or resident evil?

Sure, Wade has the whole campus player thing going for him, but he also has an unfair advantage. Vamp thrall. Few can resist Wade when he cranks up the thrallerator, especially Eryn’s cousin, Paige – talk about clingy. Poor Wade isn’t scared of much, but Paige inspires the heebie-jeebies. If only Wade could convince Eryn there’s nothing between him and her vamped-out cousin. If only he could convince Eryn to embrace her inner beast and join him in stalking the night. He knows they have a connection that can’t be denied forever. Their time will come and then no one – not Paige, not Wade’s father, and certainly not Alec Delacroix – will stand between them and survive.


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