Told in the first person, the Skinned Series stars Eryn, dynamic, strong, and a little fragile as she fights her inner demons, caught between life as a shapeshifter and life as a human.

The series is made up of: Under My Skin (2010), Second Skin (2011), and Skin Of My Teeth (2013). Check out their respective pages for more info on each book.

CM Magazine on Under My Skin: “Eryn emerges as a strong, independent, feisty young woman whose sense of responsibility for her “pack” and her environment wars with her wolven abilities and instincts…. fans of paranormal YA fiction will appreciate a protagonist with attitude and anticipate the next volume in the planned trilogy, Second Skin, to be released in 2011.”

The SKINNED Series is published by Leap Books:

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Old Flames Die Hard

My boyfriend Travis split town–a senior year hit and run. Evan drew me back to life–sort of–and even talked me into going to the Harvest Moon dance. So, why is Travis calling me on the night of the dance? And asking me to meet him…in the graveyard?

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