SPIRITED Anthology

There’s no rest for the wicked.

I love the challenge of short story or flash fiction pieces and am fortunate to have a few of my steampunk tales published in charity anthologies.


Haunted houses. Haunted hearts.
And a past that refuses to die.Leap Books summoned best-selling paranormal and dreadfully talented debut authors to conjure up Spirited, a haunting collection of 13 tales guaranteed to keep you up all night.Get entombed in stories of Egyptian treasures, shudder at tales of malevolent spirits, and become enthralled with the adventures of witch-hunters, ghost seekers, and lost souls. From steampunk to cyberpunk, our collection spans past, present, and future hauntings. One story actually leaps off the page with 3-D augmented reality.

With this celebration of things that go bump in the night, Spirited authors hope to slay the specter of illiteracy that plague our youth. All proceeds from Spirited will be donated to 826 National, a non-profit organization that offers free after-school tutoring, workshops, and in-school programs because “strong writing skills are fundamental to future success.”

Contributing authors include: Maria V. Snyder, Candace Havens, Shannon Delany, Jill Williamson, Linda Joy Singleton, Heather Kenealy, Judith Graves, Kitty Keswick, Dawn Dalton, Carmen Tudor, John W. Otte, Halli Dee Lilburn, and Mark Finnemore

Review of my story: Strangeways vs. the Wraith in SPIRITED
Review excerpt from AALT Technician Winter 2012 (reviewed by Andrew Plait)
[…]—Judith Graves is often described as a YA paranormal author with bite who`s best known for her Skinned series. However, after reading her Spirited contribution, Strangeways vs. the Wraith, I`m inclined to think that Graves will soon be well known for two distinct series, and after that, well… only time will tell.

Strangeways vs. the Wraith opens with a printed invitation inviting the recipient to the Specter`s Ball, a ghastly social gathering given by Mr. August Rumsay in honor of his daughter, Miss Nora Rumsay. Readers soon discover that Nora doesn`t fare well in such a spooky environment, and we`re introduced to the heroine, Amelia Strangeways, as she revives Nora with smelling salts and captures our attention with her thoughts, dialogue and Hylo Derringer.

What begins as a well-designed prologue soon descends into a literary torrent that races along as we follow Amelia, Nora and heartthrob/hunter Warren Fox through the Specter`s Ball as the truth behind August Rumsay`s evening unravels itself until the very threads of the mastermind`s sanity is laid bare.

I was really impressed with the re-readability of the story and the twists/turns that Graves included, especially as the tale was wrapping itself up. It`s well worth reading twice or thrice to get the full benefit of the story, characters and plotline.