For a long time my life revolved around music. That’s how I started writing fiction, progressing from poetry and song lyrics to writing short stories and eventually novels. My time spent in the world of tunage was time well spent indeed. Writing lyrics, composing music, rehearsals, gigs, road trips, setting up for shows and tearing down – playing in bars, cafes, at music festivals and busking on the streets – all of these experiences were fodder for a creative mind and helped to thicken my writer’s hide. I still jam with friends…ah, music never really lets you go.

A howl out to a band I adored while it lasted, in all its variations – Dark-Eyed Junco, a la Aaron Spratt, Tracy Spratt, Halli Lilburn, Richard Monkman and moi. Listen to Can’t Sleep and 70 Years from our cd, 70 Years of Dark-Eyed Junco.


Rustic Charm, we had a blast, didn’t we? Many thanks to Megan Bailey, Colin Sittler, Angie Seguin and Kelly Johnson-Turnbull for some rocking good times. You can listen to a tune Mama’s Say and our take on Wayfaring Stranger – even download our last CD on iTunes. Nice.


I still love to jam with friends and you’ll often find me with my bass or guitar at a local open mic, either playing or hosting, or both. Music is forever!