New Release: Crazy Beautiful Letters

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LETTERS: Learn the basics of brush lettering, the joys of happy mail and envelope art, as well as creative lettering projects YOU can do in this hands-on, project-filled guide to modern calligraphy.

This book can be used to guide individual progress, but also functions well as a family-friendly, let’s-create-something-super-cool-tonight activity book. All projects are broken down step-by-step with accompanying photographs. I selected each project for its easy-to-do value and practical use potential, and offer creative variations. The goal is to introduce you to the concepts and then send you off on your creative path.

It’s time to reconnect with others through our words, our art, and send our messages of support through the time-honoured skill of letter writing. So join me on this creative journey and let’s make some crazy beautiful letters together!


This is my first non-fiction title and while it’s not my usual horror / contemporary young adult fiction fare, I’m thrilled to combine my love of writing…um…with my love of WRITING, modern calligraphy and brush lettering, that is. In CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LETTERS I also share tips and tricks I’ve learned after starting my own illustration and design business, primarily my work with watercolours.

This book has been a labour of love and very much a team effort with a focus on my crazy beautiful home town, Cold Lake, Alberta, as well as the Lakeland region. From coffee table book worthy photos by Cold Lake-based photographer, Linda Goymer, to the wonderful mothers and daughters from my community who volunteered for a day of lettering and crafting as they modelled the various step-by-step instructions.

Many thanks to all!


If you’ve landed on this page seeking the practice sheet downloads promised in the book, awesome! They’re available for you below, just click on the highlighted words below to access and save for printing. Note that these are for large brush pen lettering.

Remember to either print these on quality copier paper (as discussed in the book) or to use with a sheet of tracing paper over top to prevent damage to your brush pen tips.


Lowercase “a” to “c” | Lowercase “d” to “f” | Lowercase “g” to “j” | Lowercase “k” to “n” | Lowercase “o” to “p”

Lowercase “q” to “s” | Lowercase “t” to “v” | Lowercase “w” to “z” | Sample Words Practice Sheet

Blank Graph Paper (with guidelines)


Ebook available NOW: AMAZON

Print edition purchase links coming shortly.