Author Visits

Judith Graves, young adult paranormal fiction author from Cold Lake, Alberta, offers author visits with BITE!


With students in Nova Scotia during Canada Book Week 2016.

Judith has presented writing workshops and keynote addresses to teachers, library staff, students (grades 3 and up), and writer groups – during conferences, professional development events, author panels, as well as through numerous school and library visits.

A variety of workshop topics are available and can be modified to suit the intended audience.

Super Heroes With or Without Capes (Grades 3-6)

Super stories need super heroes – characters willing to take risks (the wrath of MOM), embark on epic quests (like sneaking into the “haunted” house next door), and face their greatest fears (dodgeball tryouts anyone?). Capes are completely optional. Discover the various types of characters that already exist in books, film, and TV, and how you can use these to develop your own heroes worthy of fandom.

Screenwriting to Die For (Grade 7-12 and Adults)

(session is modified for target audience)
Novelist and screenwriter, Judith Graves offers a general introduction to screenwriting by examining story structure, character development, and the art of sharp dialogue. From gripping logline to epic showdown, Graves features tips and tricks from the world of screenwriting that apply to creating fiction in any format.

Horror Fiction to Die For (Grade 6-12 and Adults)
(session is modified for target audience)
Young adult paranormal/thriller author, Judith Graves, helps you dig deep and unearth the killer themes lurking in your horror and thriller fiction. This genre isn’t just writing tales of blood and guts – it’s creating fiction to DIE for. Learn how to get under your reader’s skin, play on their primal fears, and hold mirrors up to their own inner monsters. These FANGtasic tips will keep your readers turning the page…to the dire end.

Fan Fiction to Die For (Grades 6-12 and Adults)
(session is modified for target audience)
Young adult paranormal/thriller author, Judith Graves, explores the origins of fan fiction, its appeal for youth and adults alike, and how teachers can use this growing format in the classroom. Learn how fanfic writing challenges and mashups can spark interest in creative writing, as well as build and stretch student writing muscles.

Author Visits to Die For (Adults/Teachers/Library Staff)
Judith Graves offers an overview of what makes a virtual author visit successful, the technology basics, and how to connect students or library patrons with authors willing to provide this wonderfully interactive (and inexpensive!) service.

Publishing Tips to Die For (Adults)
Join middle grade/young adult author and co-publisher of Leap Books, Judith Graves, for a look at the dynamic worlds of middle grade and young adult fiction. She’ll share tips for navigating the various roads to publication and how to market your work once it’s out in the world. If you’re writing children’s fiction and want more information about the publishing industry, query process, book marketing, etc…this is the session for you.



Halifax Central Library. Canada Book Week 2016.


“Judith was knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing with a very passionate and positive energy toward writing and sharing her expertise with others. We are looking forward to inviting her back to our Young Author’s Conference in 2011 and would not hesitate to recommend her.”

~ Tracy Spilde, Director. Young Author’s Conference

“Judith is captivating to both young and old, so it only made sense that she had the students’ full attention. There was a buzz in the air. Students were eager to learn more about writing. As an English teacher, having someone like Judith come into the class is invaluable.”

~ Scott MacDonald,  Assumption Jr./Sr. High

“A very powerful presentation on creating vivid images when writing. Judith reinforced the idea of staying away from cliches and building up students’ personal vocabulary to make their writing more interesting.”

~ Jose Lapointe, St. Dominic Elementary

“While I am not a writer, I certainly learned a lot about the process and what it takes to become one.  I love to read and always have but I now have a new respect for the work that goes into writing a book.  Judith is an excellent speaker, intelligent and funny and an absolute pleasure to be around!  I look forward to hosting her again soon at our library in Edson.”

~ Suzy Miller, Edson Public Library

“Armed with commercial clips, a personal writing play list, dramatic activities as well as, of course, writing activities, Judith illustrated her message using media, action and words. She was independent in her set up, had everything she needed (including a swack of books and give-aways) and was ready to teach when the class began. Many of the students talked to me personally after telling me they loved what they learned in Judith’s class and later that night at the Spotlight Cafe we heard from several of her students who read what they wrote in her class. Judith is a talented writer, an entertainer, and a passionate and reliable instructor. I support her future employment in the literary arts wholeheartedly.”

~ Lisa Murphy-Lamb B.Ed., M.Ed, Coordinator,WordsWorth Youth Writing Program

Click HERE for the full reference letter from the Young Alberta Book Society.