Crossroads Blog Tour: DAY FIVE

I am so excited this tour is underway and I’m able to introduce you to some DREADFULLY COcrossroads2015smOL young adult and middle grade fiction authors EVERY DAY this week leading up to Halloween! Each day, I’ll be featuring a few new authors and sharing their wicked amazing releases you’ll want to dig your horror/thriller-loving claws into. Plus, they’ll answer a few fun Halloween(ish) questions so we can PICK THEIR BRAINS!

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Tina Ferraro



Tina Ferraro is the author of several young adult novels and novellas, as well as upwards of a hundred romantic short stories for teens and adults.

A two-time finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award and the National Reader’s Choice award for her young adult novels, her interests include Facebook Scrabble, the color orange, and chasing coyotes out of her neighborhood.

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What’s the spookiest song you’ve ever heard / one that gives you chills?

“Teen Angel” always gives me chills…the squeaking of the brakes, knowing the boyfriend’s going to die…

Got a favourite creepy urban legend / one that never fails to freak you out?

Urban legend: at midnight on Halloween, look into a mirror to see your husband-to-be. (Half-Life, Leap Books, 2015)


Half a life is not worth living.HL Final Cover

Probably not a good idea to take advice from your dead twin sister. High school sophomore Trisha Traynor and friends have played the Halloween mirror game for years, the one that’s supposed to show a glimpse of the guy they’ll marry. But no one’s ever seen anything.

Until tonight—when Trisha is gob smacked by the candlelit arrival of her long-deceased twin sister, instead of her crush, Kirk Maxwell.

In a voice and vision that only Trisha can hear and see, Chessie claims to be back on a compassionate journey. Trisha fears she’s gone nuthouse crazy. But she nonetheless follows the instructions Chessie outlines in their nightly conversations, until she finds herself stepping across some ethical lines, and probably ending all chances with Kirk.

When a sisterly showdown ensues, resulting in the shattering of the mirror, Chessie’s gone again, and a heartsick Trisha sets about righting her recent wrongs. That is, until she stumbles upon the real reason Chessie had come back and the most important glimpse yet that the mirror could never predict.

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Dorothy Dreyer


Dorothy Dreyer has always believed in magic. Born in Angeles City, Philippines, to a Filipino mother and American Father, Dorothy grew up a military brat, living in Massachusetts, South Dakota, Guam, New Jersey, and New York. She now lives in Frankfurt, Germany, with her husband, two teens, and two Siberian huskies. Dorothy not only writes books with some element of magic in them, but has a fondness for reading those kinds of books as well. She also enjoys movies, chocolate, take-out, and spending time with family and friends.

Follow Dorothy via her website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


What’s the spookiest song you’ve ever heard / one that gives you chills?

Memphisto by Depeche Mode:

Got a favourite creepy urban legend / one that never fails to freak you out?

There’s a Filipino legend about an Atwan. It invades the homes of pregnant women and devours the fetus. *shudders*


MY FRAYED ETERNITY (Reaper’s Rite Book Three)

Just when Zadie thought life was returning to normal, one of the most important people in her life turns up missing. When Zadie finds out this disappearance has something to do with Reapers, her worst fears are realized.

Not only have the Reapers returned, but a plan to up the stakes and bring the Reaper’s Rite to the next level is discovered. Using their Vila powers, Zadie and her sister Mara must set out to rescue their friend and do what they can to put an end to the pact between witches, faeries, and Reapers, before all is lost for eternity.

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