Retribution Trilogy in School Library Journal

Recently the School Library Journal published a list of high interest titles for struggling readers. RETRIBUTION made the list!

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From School Library Journal: Accessible Reads for Struggling and Reluctant Readers | Hi-Lo Roundup:


BROUWER, Sigmund. Unleashed. 168p. ISBN 9781459807303.

DEEN, Natasha. Burned. 168p. ISBN 9781459807266.

GRAVES, Judith. Exposed. 144p. ISBN 9781459807228.

ea vol: (Retribution). Orca Bks. Oct. 2015. pap. $9.95.

Gr 9 Up – Wealthy trust-fund baby Jace seems to have it all in Unleashed, but trouble brews under the surface; he is constantly trying to protect his brother from their father’s abuse, and their mother’s neglect. As he trains to defend himself, he gradually learns trust through two girls who are also working toward retribution. In Burned, Josie is scraping by as a homeless teen after a dirty cop set her house ablaze. She has to team up with unlikely partners in order to exact justice for her family. Raven survives as the protégé of a car theft boss in Exposed, training new recruits. But when her boss reveals himself to be a murderer, Raven is determined to bring him down. Falling on the longer side of hi-lo spectrum, these titles boast an average of 150 pages. However, large text and middle grade reading levels make the series accessible to struggling teen readers.