Retribution Trilogy: Cover Reveal

The Retribution Trilogy

I am so excited for the release of the Retribution Trilogy – a series I co-wrote with Alberta authors, Natash Deen and Sigmund Brouwer – coming this October from Orca Book Publishers.

A homeless kid burning for revenge,

a car thief who will scale any height and a boxer with a secret life…

all seeking vengeance on the adults who wronged them.

Each of these teen rebels has a specialized skill

and the motivation for retaliation, but they cannot succeed alone.

Reluctantly agreeing to become a team is the first step towards RETRIBUTION.

This isn’t your typical YA series.

Retribution follows four main characters as they learn working together is the only way they individually get what they want. Each novel features the “origin” story for a different character, while showing how Team Retribution forms from that character’s point of view. To get the full scope of the layers and backstories, you need to read all the books, however, they can be read in any order and contain key “cross-over” scenes that appear in each book.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the dangerously cool covers!

Judith Collage


Raven will have to learn to fly if she is to survive.

Raven is cunning, aggressive and whip-smart—she’s had to be to survive. She was taken in at a young age by the boss of a car-theft ring, who rescued her from a life of hell. For too long she’s believed she owes him everything and used her uncanny urban climbing skills to train young recruits for what she believes are victimless crimes. Until Raven discovers that his compassion for the kids he wrangles into the ring is just a front, and they are all merely tools of his trade, nothing more. When he’s responsible for the death of Raven’s young “apprentice,” she finally sees him for what he really is—and sets out to bring him down.

Stealing cars to get by and pay her debts, Raven excels at urban climbing and takes pride in her job—until she is forced to take sides and bring down a car-theft ring in this fast-paced entry in the Retribution trilogy.

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