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I warmly welcome author, Halli Lilburn, to my humble blog and thank her for being willing to answer a few questions. Halli has a great story published in SPIRITED: 13 Haunting Tales, a sci-fi young adult novel, SHIFTERS, and more offerings you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Keep reading to find out more!

On Shifters: “A spellbinder that captures the reader on the first page. Eerily insightful and possible, chilling.” –Christina Francine, Midwest Book Review


You’re quite comfortable writing short stories. What draws you to this format and do you have a favourite that influences your work?

There are some silly reasons I like short stories: Because I have three kids I don’t have much time to write novels but that’s not really true.  I also have a short attention span so I don’t want to bore myself, but that’s not really true either.  The real reason is because short stories are so intense.  There is no time for back story or build up or evenmuch character development.  It is all action, all energy and all excitement.  That’s what I love.  When it comes to astounding authors in this field, I really like Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow and Holly Black.

And….can you share a few details about your upcoming projects?


I am so excited about being included in the new Tesseracts anthology by Edge Science fiction and fantasy publishing.  They have a strong reputation and a long standing fan base across Canada.  The theme of this particular volume (18, Wrestling with Gods) is religion in sci-fi and fantasy.

As soon as I heard the request for religion in fantasy my mind started churning.  What elements were used to create this world that man had no control over?  I came up with seven: light, energy, thought, matter, time, life and death.  Who rules them?  How could they benefit mankind if they could be controlled?  I felt there would be two opposing forces: those who strictly obeyed the rules, protecting mankind from abusing the powers and those who took their destiny into their own hands, fighting for complete access and authority to use the powers however they wanted. So, a group of terrorists seize

the temple and attempt to steal and use the powers of creation for their own purposes.

There will be book launch parties in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge near the end of April 2015.


Halli Lilburn resides in Lethbridge, AB with her hubby, three kids and a German shepherd named Dante. She has stories published with Leap Books, Canada’s History Magazine, Canadian Stories, Cart Blanche and many others.  She is a librarian and art journal instructor.  Find out more at

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