Second Skin Blog Tour: Author Exchange with Jennifer R. Hubbard

During the month of March I’ll be doing interviews and guest posts on some fabulous blogs, as well as featuring some of my author friends right here on my site. This is a month of giveaways, SWAG, and great conversations. In honour of Second Skin’s major theme, FACING YOUR DARKEST FEAR, we’ll look at what scares us – from horror films, fiction, phobias, folklore and the beasties that haunt our dreams. For the full roster of posts, click on the blog tour image.

Today we have Jennifer R. Hubbard, another  fellow classmate from the Class of 2k10 debut author collective. I can’t say enough about 2k10, the experience has left me with friendships and a network of authors that will go the distance.  Without further ado, here’s Jenn’s guest post:

What Scares My Characters

by Jennifer R. Hubbard

Try Not to Breathe is the story of Ryan, a 16-year-old recovering from a suicide attempt. He meets Nicki, a girl who is trying to reach her dead father via psychics. The book follows their growing relationship, and their search for answers about Nicki’s father’s suicide.

Ryan doesn’t have many physical fears. He likes to stand under a strong waterfall despite the danger of drowning, even after it knocks him down. He fantasizes about skydiving. His fears revolve around not feeling connected to other people, not feeling worthy, not belonging in the world or having the energy to participate in it. He is afraid to get too close to Nicki—and he is afraid for her to get too close to him, because then she might discover a few guilty secrets he has been hiding. He’s mortally afraid of rejection.

The secrets come out, of course. And then Ryan learns things about Nicki that threaten his newfound ability to trust people. Because a fear of death has never stood in Ryan’s way, he has to overcome his fear of life, and the pain that living inevitably brings.

The counterpoint to the fear and pain of living is hope: the belief that things change. That they get better. Life brings us nasty surprises, but it also brings us joy. The challenge for Ryan is to learn that, and to keep believing it.


Jennifer R. Hubbard  ( is the author of the contemporary young-adult novels The Secret Year and Try Not to Breathe, both published by Viking. She is on Twitter @JennRHubbard.

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED: Comment on this post, sharing your BIGGEST fear to enter to win a copy of Try Not To Breathe. WINNER IS: AMY G

I did say this was an author exchange, check out my guest post on Jennifer’s blog today!

7 thoughts on “Second Skin Blog Tour: Author Exchange with Jennifer R. Hubbard

  1. I have this total fear of tornadoes. I mean when we have a bad storm, I am glued to the Weather Channel. God forbid there is ever a tornado warning! I have no idea why this is what I fear, seeing that I live in Pennsylvania where tornadoes rarely occur. I think it may have something to do with a past life…

      1. Interesting…I may turn this fear into a story one day. I have actually had a student do some research about what tornado dreams mean, since I have these very often.

        I am super psyched that I was chosen to win. I luv Jennifer R. Hubbard;) Thanks!

  2. My biggest fear is probably that something terrible will happen to a member of my family. However, the fear that most affects my life on a daily basis is my absolutely ridiculous fear of falling–I broke my arm five times as a kid, and I never learned to ride a bike, ice skate, roller skate, or even do a cartwheel. I’m still scared just to walk when it’s icy outside!


    1. Losing family members is a big one. I can relate. Having never broken a limb, I can only imagine what it would be like to do so – FIVE times. Oy! And, of course, I’ve likely cursed myself….you know, with all the ice around here. o.O Thanks for your comment. Your entry is in!

  3. My biggest fear is being to afraid to go after my dreams and not regretting at least trying for them even if I failed I would be ok with that.

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