Strangeways vs The Wraith

Welcome to the steampunk world of Miss. Amelia Strangeways, necromancer and  ghosthunter living in an alternate version of New York City at the turn of the century. While Amelia’s unusual skills aren’t common knowledge, this world is rife with a hybrid of Victorian science, spiritualism, and alchemy – her cup of ghosthunting opportunities runeth over.

Too bad the Hunter Council, a secret organization dedicated to protecting humans from the supernatural beasties that stalk the night, does not believe women should have the vote. Or join their league of highly trained ghosthunters.

If Amelia can hone her ability to speak to, control, and reanimate the dead, she just might prove to be a suitable replacement for her father – a high ranking Council member. Perhaps her best friend’s debut at The Specter’s Ball will provide just the opportunity. She can feel the dead rise to the call Nora’s father has sent forth to the spirit realm via a powerful spell.

Nora’s ball could be one hell on Earth of a party.

Unless Strangeways can take on the wraiths.

Here’s hoping her nemesis, Warren Fox, the Hunter Council’s golden boy doesn’t get them first.

Strangeways vs. The Wraith is one of thirteen tales written by a wicked blend of young adult authors and is being published by Leap Books in their SPIRITED Anthology set to be released October 2011. The full roster of participating authors has yet to be announced.

“Leap Books is putting together this anthology of 13 ghostly stories to support literacy. All proceeds from the sale of SPIRITED will be donated to 826 National. 826 offers free after-school tutoring, workshops, and in-schools programs because they believe that ‘strong writing skills are fundamental to future success.’

SPIRITED will be available October 2011 as an ebook through all the major distributors and in print exclusively through Leap Books to maximize the amount we can give to charity.”

I’m thrilled to be a part of SPIRITED and can’t wait to dig into the other wicked stories entombed within its pages. As an avid steampunk reader and enthusiast, I enjoyed creating this world and have other adventures planned for Strangeways and her dashing Mr. Fox.

Because Leap Books is right, there’s no rest for the wicked.