Visit to Okotoks and RISE Network

I’ll be presenting a session, YA Fiction To DIE For, at the Okotoks Public Library this Saturday, January 8th, from 1-2pm. It’s intended to be an overview of my road to publication (alas there are many ways to skin the publishing cat and my take is but one), a backstage look at the life of a YA author and to provide as much insight as I can on the writing process, query letters, etc.

I’m looking forward to meeting readers and writer-ish folk. 😉 I’m also very interested in the technology that will be present at the session. The event will be available live via videoconferencing provided by the RISE Network. “The RISE Network is an innovative project that helps southern Albertans access the information they need, right from their local library. By equipping 78 libraries with videoconference equipment, people in 89 municipalities can gain new knowledge and skills through a wide-range of library-based programs and information sessions.”

What an amazing resource this is for rural Albertans (of which I am included, though I live in the North). I’m keen to see how glitchy or smooth the technology will be integrated and will be talking up the experience to my library friends when I return. I’d love for more communities to have access to RISE, there’s such potential.

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    1. Thanks, Kiki – while there were only a few libraries participating, and some techy glitches – one library could only hear me, not see me – it was a blast.

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