October Cool Beans

This author touring is heady stuff. I’ve been chatting with schools who have booked me through the YABS Taleblazers Lit Fest. I’m thrilled they took a chance on a newbie to the touring circuit. The librarians are doing a fantastic job of prepping classes before I arrive (a key component to the success of an author visit). One teacher is reading Under My Skin aloud to her grade 9-10 students, which made my October “cool beans” list. Though I must ask her if she glossed over the smooches. 😉

Other cool beans, I just found out that Tanya Huff will be joining my panel at the Edmonton Pure Speculation Sci-fi/Fantasy Conference on October 23rd. TANYA HUFF….Canadian author of the Blood series, featuring the spunky Vicky Nelson….which was then made into the show, Blood Ties. I powered through both seasons of Blood Ties on DVD and loved it – if you need a vamp fix, get your mitts on either the books, or the show. She’s got a cool beans blog too: http://andpuff.livejournal.com/

The Crossroads Blog Tour is about to kick off, I just have to get the author post schedule out to the 16 eager bloggers. If you’re looking for FREE swag and FREE paranormal (young adult) books, you’ll have many opportunities to enter during the tour. For full deets: The Crossroads Tour.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have this obsession with decorating my office in gothic/creepy stuff. I discovered a non-essential item I HAD to purchase or DEATH would soon become me. Check out these haunted portraits. Actually, anything at The Grimm Brother’s online store is to DIE for.

Seriously, can October get any better? Oh yeah. It ends with Halloween!