Booktrailers to DIE for!

Today was another delightful fall morning hanging out with bookish types. I’m loving my author visits thus far. I promised to post some information on where to find booktrailers (to play in school or public libraries) and also how to make them. 

Age appropriate booktrailers can be challenging to find, especially at the elementary level. But here are a few sources: – great site for elementary / middle school booktrailers. Speaking as a library technician, when we have a Scholastic Book Fair, I let these videos play through on our library’s smartboard. Sometimes I crank the volume, sometimes I let them play on mute. But they always draw attention and it’s great when you can direct a child to the book on the shelf right after they oooh and awww over the trailer.

Digital Booktalk: – trailers for grades K-12

Movies for Literacy: Here’s a great resource for younger title booktrailers

For junior/senior high and adult lit, booktrailer hunting is a matter of surfing Youtube. – Make sure to search for your favourite or most popular titles first, for example use this format: “Shiver official trailer” or the author name and title to get quick results. For a broader search, try: “booktrailer” or “book trailer”, “young adult fiction”, “teen fiction”, etc.). Be prepared to wade through many fan-made versions and make note of spectacular samples to show to teachers, your teen book club members, etc as model examples.

I may be biased, as this is the production company I used to create the booktrailer for UMS (and she’s working on one for Second Skin!), but Madison at M2 Productions is one young lady who kicks booktrailer ass. Here’s her channel on Youtube, where you’ll be introduced to a whole host of young adult titles: – Like Youtube, except geared to educators, this site contains video lessons, lesson plans, etc. But also features booktrailers (official ones or ones made by students). Just like Youtube, you’ll have to spend some time searching to find them.

 As mentioned before…Digital Booktalk: – trailers for grades K-12

 Making Trailers: Lake Dallas High School has some great info and offers links to various software programs used to create trailers. A quick guide to creating trailers in Microsoft’s Photo Story program.

For MAC users, iMovie is a great program for creating trailers as you have access to audio, can pull in video and photos easily, etc. 

Where to get cool images?


Stock.schng: – FREE photos arranged in easy to use categories or you can plug in a search term. These are public domain, copyright free images to use in your trailers.

Microsoft’s online clipart: – most are free, but the site does link to pro / pay collections.

(Just a thought): If you’re doing a trailer for a graphic novel or a book with graphic elements, you could always scan a page or two and incorporate those images into the trailer.

With Moola:

Willing to spend a few bucks on a stellar trailer, or to create a vlog intro like the one I whipped up? (See my vlog page to check out my spooky graveyard opener – I purchased the clip and audio from iStockphoto) Here are stock photo, video, audio sites:




I’m sure there are tons of other resources out there, but this will get you started.  Have fun and please send me links to your work when you’re finished.