Write On Con 2010

 While writing is a solitary task, it doesn’t always have to be. Along the way authors find loyal critique partners, beta readers, and other authors who act as mentors or ones to mentee (is that a word?). However, being from a small town, my (almost daily) interactions with these fabulous people are “virtual”. We live in different countries, but we work together online….if you told me I’d be collaborating with authors like this, say 10 years ago, I’d have asked if you were feeling alright.

Thankfully, we have the Internet. It’s difficult for me to get to conferences, writer retreats and professional development opportunities – but with the Net, it’s getting easier. This week, for example, I’m at a children’s writers conference. Yup, me and my cup of coffee and my jammies and slippers. I can even sneak in a nap in the afternoon if my brain gets overloaded – because the conference is completely online.

 The first (of many, I hope) Write On Con (WOC)  is now playing at a URL near you: www.writeoncon.com. Founded by seven children’s authors, WOC is brilliantly put together. Bestselling and debut authors, agents and editors alike share writing and industry tips in both print and vlog formats. There’s a whole community of publishing types on the WOC Forums, offering query, 1st pages and 1st 250 word critiques, as well as informal chats and general publishing discussions.

Wowza, that’s all I can say. If you have time, check it out, it’s well worth the few seconds it takes to register. That’s right – the conference is FREE.

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