Cover for Second Skin

I’m pleased to share the cover for SECOND SKIN, the next instalment in the Skinned series. I love the bloody drama of it all. 😉 And if you look closely, you’ll notice a guy’s face in one of the blood splatters. There is a girl splatter on the back cover as well – which you’ll see when you buy the book, right? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)  I’ve also included the current blurb which might change a bit before printing. Whatcha thinks?

With FIENDS Like Eryn…

Eryn struggles to resist the beast clawing at her soul as darkness settles over her like a second skin. She’s made a deal, and she can’t let a dead man down. Not unless she wants her friends and family to relocate – six feet under.

When Eryn and her crew each face their own demons, loyalties are tested and temptations abound. Can she share a future with the brooding, noble, human Alec – the hunter after her heart? Or will she succumb to her enemy’s son, Wade, a seductive predator as bloodthirsty as she is?

What happens when you’re both the beauty and the beast?

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